THINK! America – Weekend of Dec. 24, 2016 – Show #1

Topics - December 24, 2016 - Show #1. Guest: Veronica Sites, Psychologist & Conflict Resolution Counselor

Topics and Guest – December 24, 2016 – Show #1

Bill Clinton blames FBI Head James Comey for Hillary’s defeat even though Comey gave Hillary a pass on indictment last July, and another pass two days before the election after reviewing 650,000 new emails on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. Why blame Comey when other top Dems blame “racists, sexists bigots, homophobes, rednecks, Deplorables, Putin, fake news and Donna Brazille?” Discuss…

Words shape culture: i.e. people wonder if it’s okay to say Merry Christmas. During the Obama administration we saw an escalation of the “War on Christmas.” But with the new Trump administration, it may be safer to say Merry Christmas, again. What do you think? What do you say?

Interview: Veronica Sites, Psychologist, Conflict Resolution Counselor. Topic: “Tis the season to split. Dec and Jan deliver the most stress for couples, (financial woes, and dark wintry days add to depression). Many couples focus on keeping other people happy like children, parents, office workers, forgetting all the positive aspects of their personal relationship.. Plus, alcohol is a big factor too.

Taxpayer Plays the Game: Over the past 20 years, 101 new sports facilities have opened in the United States and the tab goes to the taxpayer. Earlier this year, the St. Louis Rams decided they’re  moving to LA. But their home stadium is still not paid off, leaving the taxpayer with the remaining 12 M until 2022. St. Louis, a city of fewer than 320,000 people, with a shrinking tax base, couldn’t afford to help finance the $1 billion stadium that the Rams’ billionaire owner, wanted. When will the taxpayer get out of the sports facilities game?

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