THINK! America – Weekend of Dec. 17, 2016 – Show #2

Topics - December 17, 2016 - Show #2. Guest: Akash Chougule, Director of Policy, Americans for Prosperity.

Topics & Guest – December 17, 2016 – Show #2

Maddog Mattis: Retired Marine Corps General James Mattis is Trump’s pick for Defense Secretary. He was key commander during the Iraq invasion—leading the 1 st Marine Division and later overseeing the retaking of Fallujah in 2004. Trump says he’s the closest we have to a General Patton. But last year, according to The Intercept, Gen. Mattis said to global security professionals in Anaheim, Ca. that Iraq was a strategic mistake. How do you think he will respond as DOD head if, as president, Trump commands US troops to go into other parts of the Middle East, such as Syria?

Rosie O’Donnell: She took to Twitter to apologize to the future first lady Melania Trump for speculating that 10 year old Barron Trump could be autistic. Was Rosie underhandedly jabbing at the Trumps, and then pretending to be sincere? Or was she indeed sincere? If sincere, what did she do to Barron to then warrant an apology? Is she for or against those who are autistic? Did she use Barron as a way to “normalize” her own daughter’s autism. Her daughter is 3. O-Donnell-says-sorry- pain-Barron- Trump-autism- comments-caused- Melania-public-apology- Twitter-makes- account-private.html

Interview: Akash Chougule, Director of Policy, Americans for Prosperity. Topic: “Morning in America” for jobs, end of regulations, and getting the economy moving again…plus what to expect in a new Trump Congress. Akash Cho-guh- lee, in his role as policy director, helps coordinate and advocate for state policies regarding healthcare, labor laws, tax issues and education.

The Supreme court will rule on transgender rights. Justices will be deciding a case of whether students can use their preferred bathrooms. The Justices could have held this issue in a kind of limbo, or holding pattern until another Justice is confirmed on the Court, but instead they have taken up this major social policy issue and national debate. The issue is the Virginia school district’s challenge to the Obama administration‘s guidelines requiring that schools allow transgenered students to use the bathroom which matches their chosen gender. So, how should the Court rule on this one?

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