THINK! America – Weekend of Dec. 17, 2016 – Show #1

Topics - December 17, 2016 - Show #1. Guest: Prof Allan Saxe, Professor of Political Science, Univ. of Texas, Austin

Topics and Guest – December 17, 2016 – Show #1

Did Russia “hack” the election? There’s not much evidence of that, so it’s more likely left-wing excuses as to why Hillary Clinton lost to Trump. Why chose Russia as public enemy number 1? Could it be Russia is socially conservative, white, with mostly Christian citizens? They may be a nation of “deplorables” and attacking Russia is a way to undermine Trump‘s future reach out to Russia to establish better relations. What do you think? Discuss…

Voice of America: The House has approved a $611 billion defense spending bill that includes changes to revive the Voice of America, the broadcast news service that the federal government used to counter Russian propaganda during The Cold War. According to some lawmakers, language in the bill would help present “true American messages because other broadcasting companies have lost their edge.” But not too long ago, for fiscal 2014, Representative Matt salmon put forth a bill to defund VOA. Should VOA continue on? Why? Why not? cold-war- russia/2016/12/02/id/761914/

Interview: Prof Allan Saxe, Professor of Political Science,  Univ. of Texas, Austin. Topic: Trump’s decision to nominate Dr. Ben Carson to his Cabinet. The Washington Post calls the decision by Donald Trump to appoint Ben Carson to his Cabinet “closes the circle on a very, very weird relationship—an even weirder flirtation between the two men over the past several weeks.” But other papers say this is a way to begin to “drain the swamp” of crony political appointees.

Cow Flatulence and other methane gases. California is now targeting cow gas, belching and manure as part of fighting global warming through legislation. Flatulence is considered a pollutant, according to  some Democrat lawmakers (Republicans disagree). The new law requires steep reductions in a variety of pollutants, including bovine methane. Some farmers say the legislation “stinks!” Do you?

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