THINK! America – Weekend of Dec. 3, 2016 – Show #1

Topics - December 3, 2016 - Show #1. Guest: Ken ton Hutcherson, Hutcherson Law.

World reacts to death of Castro…which world leaders will go to his memorial? What will they say about him? Will they go as a PC gesture? Or to get better trade deals with Cuba going forward? What kind of Cuba do they hope to find with Raul Castro still at the helm? Will Obama show up, or send a subordinate? Will Trump rewrite the “Obama Cuba deal” so that the deal is more advantageous for the US? What’s in it for the US, now that Fidel is dead?

Sore losers? The electoral college does its “federalist job” and soon will cast their vote, but in the meantime, many electors are getting death threats. Republicans are told to cast their vote for Hillary, or else… Some of the threats are direct, and others are more like “Do society a favor and throw yourself in front of a bus.” Meanwhile,  Hillary Clinton is joining the Green Party’s challenge to election results in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Does it appear the Dems are sore losers? With a recount, could Hillary overturn the Nov. 8 results?

Interview: Kenton Hutcherson, Hutcherson Law. Topic: Body Shaming. He specializes in online defamation cases. On Nov. 28th, former Playboy model Dani Mathers was formally arraigned on a charge of invasion of privacy. Prosecutors allege she secretly photographed a 70 year-old woman in the nude while she was in the shower area of a Los Angeles fitness center. Legal experts said this marks a rare time authorities have brought charges against someone over photos making fun of someone's weight.

Whistleblowers in America: Wells Fargo Bank is facing a lot of scrutiny over whether it wrongfully fired employees who pushed back on the bank’s questionable sales practices. Were they unfairly dismissed as retribution for speaking out and being whistleblowers about fraudulent sales practices? Have you ever been a whistleblower against a boss, or friend, or family member? Is it even worth it or should you just go along to get along? Do tell!

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