Topics - November 26, 2016 - Show #1. Guest: John Horvat, Scholar & Author of “Return to Order,”

Topics & Guest – November 26, 2016 – Show #1

The Trump Team met with former Pres candidate Mitt Romney, who previously campaigned hard against him calling him a phony, and unfit. Yet, all seems now. Many Americans don’t like this because it’s too hard to separate sincerity/credibility from political rhetoric. Romney has egg on his face, so should he have met with Trump?

Election wars continue: VP-elect Mike Pence is lectured by “Hamilton” cast member post-show on Broadway, and Trump supporters take on Starbucks baristas who are reluctant to write the name “Trump” on a drink cup! Discuss. hamilton-cast-member-says- nation-anxious- 052946521– politics.html win-trump-supporters-193800232.html

Interview: John Horvat II, Scholar/Author of “Return to Order,” Board of Directors VP of Defense of Tradition, Family, Property. Topic: How to repair a fractured, post-election society?

Sanctuary Cities/Sanctuary Campuses: The buzz surrounding so-called Sanctuary Cities is in the news anew. Should a Trump administration work to withhold federal money to cities who declare themselves Sanctuary (i.e.Chicago) for illegal aliens? Lately these cities are giving directives to illegals that they are safe, but if the feds withhold money to the cities for services, how safe are they? In addition, some students on college campuses have declared their campuses “sanctuary.” If they’re on a private school, is that possible? If they’re at a public school, is that impossible? What do you think?

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