Topics - November 19, 2016 - Show #2. Guest: Craig Bannister, Editor in Chief, Media Research Center, TV

Topics & Guest – November 19, 2016 – Show #2

More than a woman to me! Perhaps Trump is saying this to Kellyanne Conway, who came after Paul Manafort to run the Trump campaign in the final months and final stretch. She directed him to say on message, and to get Presidential (serious). He did. He won. How much of an influence did Kellyanne Conways have on the president-elect Luxury bunkers.

Instead of going down under as in Australia, some in Texas are building a community under the earth with luxury bunkers that will last for a couple of centuries. This, reportedly, is to prepare, and be pro-active as current times signal doom for them. This is popular with wealthy Texans who believe the Armageddon is upon us. goes-underground-for- doomsday-prep/

Interview: Craig Bannister, Editor in Chief Media Research Center TV. Topic: MRC is the premier media watchdog group. They don’t endorse politicians, nor lobby for legislation. They look at media coverage of culture, events, and newsmakers, for a fair view and comment accordingly. Bannister will comment on how MSM got the election wrong.

The Court at the brink of transformation. Trump’s actions of proffering up names for the Supreme Court could bring on monumental shifts in legal cornerstones. Ideological transformations could happen with his Court picks, including a revist to Citizens United, Roe v Wade, and even gay marriage, say pundits.

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