Topics: November 19, 2016 - Show #1. Guest: Clark Hodges, Market and Finance Expert

Topics and Guest – November 19, 2016 – Show #1

Cabinet positions: Reince Preibus is now Chief of Staff… He managed to bring Republicans home for a Trump victory, and is now rewarded and awarded this position. Prebius also towed the line early on, not bad-mouthing a complete outsider,but quietly kept the party in tact, while keeping the field open to 16 other GOP contenders. If he could do that, can he run the staff at the WH? Trump thinks so, do you?

Celebrities say goodbye to America: Many celebrities vowed to leave America if Trump won the presidency. Now, what do they say? Should the media expose them now, and hold their feet to the fire? If they did leave would that show they are sore losers? Who do you expect will really say sayonara? Why?

Interview: Clark Hodges, market and finance expert. Topic: The Markets’ are up and rising as a result of Trump victory. The Dow’s best week in 5 years was election week. This is up, a sure sign of excitement with a new administration. And retail this holiday season may be up substantially as a result of the GOP three-way win: Executive, House, Senate.

When will protests end? We’ve had a vote. We’ve had an election. The people have spoken. Sure, democracy is messy, but the Electoral College (the collage of “we the people’s vote”) gave a clear victory to Trump. The Democrats lost, and in the House and Senate, too. So why the protests that “Trump is not my President?” Isn’t it time to move on? Or should the anti-Trumpers move on after, say, the Inauguration? When? Should Obama encourage them to Move On?

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