Topics - November 12, 2016 - Show #1. Guest: Dr. Doug Weiss, PhD., President of American Association for Sexual Addiction Therapy

Topics and Guest – November 12, 2016 – Show #1

Election Connection 2016. Did you vote are you happy with the results? It’s a win for Trump with over the top electoral votes. Did you expect this national result for presidential ticket? Did you expect that Pennsylvania and Florida would be key? Did you expect that those at Trump rallies would materialize into voters?

Role of James Comey, director of the FBI: In July he claimed that no charges would be leveled against Hillary Clinton but that she was reckless with national security information. He then injected himself into the presidential race October 28th stating to Congress he had more email data and would reopen the case. He did and concluded the same outcome on Nov. 6. What do you believe is Comey’s motive for seeming to flip flop? Does he have indictable stuff or not? Isn’t an unsecure email system crime enough?

Interview: Dr. Doug Weiss, PhD., President of AASAT (American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy). Topic: Sex addiction and role of Anthony Weiner in Election 2016. News reports have Weiner in Tennessee, without digital devices, at a sex clinic that includes equine therapy.

Cheating again at the DNC. Wikileaks reported that Donna Brazil of CNN slipped two or more important questions to Hillary during a Town hall debate. And late new emails show DNC guided CNN through their interviews with GOP Candidates. What is your reaction to journalists who cheat?

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