Topics - November 5, 2016 - Show #2, Guest: William Short, CEO of Large Health Care Provider, Ameriflex

Topics & Guest – November 5, 2016 – Show #2

WH defends James Comey. Why do you think the WH chose to stand by James Comey after he wrote to Congress indicating he’s reopening the Hillary email case? The Justice Department (Loretta Lynch), former AG Eric Holder, Senator Harry Reid and the entire Democrat leadership all took umbrage with Comey’s move. But not Obama, who said Comey is a man of integrity who is not trying to influence the 2016 election. What is your take on why Obama sided with Comey? Why would he do such a thing when he has opening campaigned for Hillary?

The Rise of the Beauty Boy. Cover Girl now has a Cover Boy– 17-year old James Charles. Their newest model/spokesperson is actually a boy. He has effeminate features, including freckles, very thick eyebrows, and has a ring through his nose. Why would Cover Girl change their whole brand for a cover boy? What’s the agenda here?

Interview:  William Short, CEO of Ameriflex, One of the Nation’s Largest Independent Health Benefits Administrator. Topic: Premiums for ObamaCare are up! Enrollment for the Exchange is opened for 2017.

Jury acquits leaders of Oregon standoff. The Bundy brothers are acquitted of federal conspiracy and weapon charges after leading a 41-day standoff at a wildlife refuge that the defense claimed was a “Martin Luther King style sit-in.” Should they have been charged in the first place? acquitted-federal- conspiracy-charges- Oregon-standoff.html#ixzz4Oiouvfww

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