Topics - November 5, 2016 - Show #1. Guest:

Topics and Guest – November 5, 2016 – Show #1

Bombshell: 650,000 new emails are discovered by FBI that pertain to Hillary Clinton and top aid Huma Abedin. They are found on Abedin’s home computer, which she shared with, then-husband Anthony Weiner, who is independently being investigated for sexting teens, possible sending pornographic images, and possible pedophilia. FBI Director James Comey has decided to re-open the case. Dems are furious. Should they be? Is it smart to be mad at the FBI?

Emails galore: Between Wikileaks, and now what appears to be the entire Huma file in the hands of the FBI, it’s email overload! Of the emails you’ve heard about, which ones stand out to you as the most egregious? Items about The Clinton Foundation? Bill’s big fees for speeches? Ridiculing Bernie Sanders or Catholics? Hillary’s health? CNNs Donna Brazile’s sneaking debate questions to Hillary? The private server itself? Or even Obama emailing Hillary on her private server using a nom de plume? Name your top 5 and why.

Interview: Tevi Troy, WSJ contributor and author of “Shall we Wake the President?” Topic: A look at presidents presiding during crisis and disasters. Is either presidential candidate up to the most serious challenges?

First you got a Garmin, then you used Google maps on your Smart Phone, and now your car has built-in electronic dashboard screens. But you’re also becoming more frustrated with all of it, as electronic touchscreens often fail toconnect mapping with your music, talk and satellite radio Infotainment systems. How much entertainment, information, and diversion from driving systems should an automobile have? If we’re not to text and drive, how come touch screens are put into dashboards?

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