Topics - October 29, 2016 - Show #2, Guest: Wayne Allen Root, American Businessman, Author, Producer & Political Commentator

Topics & Guest – October 29, 2016 – Show #2 

Donald Duck: This image is a Disney trademark, but Project Veritas undercover video indicates that Clinton herself wanted to use it at Trump rallies to mock Donald and to incite Donald supporters to act up at rallies. It is illegal for outside groups to coordinate with a political campaign, so if Hillary (on tape) is instructing an outside group to infiltrate the Trump camp with Donald Duck, that’s a double whammy, legally.

Are you losing friends, spouses, lovers, and even family members because of this election? There are married couples who are divorcing over their polar interests in the presidential candidates and Left/Right politics. Do you think national politics are creating havoc on Americans? How, exactly?

Interview: Wayne Allen Root, American businessman, political figure, television and radio personality, author,producer, and political commentator. He is a Libertarian Republican, and was at one time, the Libertarian Party vice-presidential nominee. Topic: Last days of Election 2016.

The Uni-verse vs. Multi-verse. Many NASA scientists and physicists in general are now promoting an idea that the cosmos (heavens if you prefer that word), are far more vast than we ever thought. They tell us that we are not all in one giant “uni-verse” but perhsps there are multi-verse(s)! This changes some peoples’ thoughts about the existence of a God-creator, or Prime Mover. Does it change your thoughts? universes-5-theories.html

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