Topics - October 22, 2016 - Show #2, Guest: Sharon Tennison, Director, Center for Citizens Initiative who has extensive expertise in Russian studies.

Topics & Guest – October 22, 2016 – Show #2

Is  the Election 2016 rigged? Trump is already calling “Foul” saying it is, and some news media do admit to many illegalities in the system that need to be fixed before Nov. 8. Recently in Florida Republicans reported registering 117 new voters, whereby Democrats reported registering 6920 new voters. Would this be an example of “rigged?” What does “rigged” mean to you? Is a rigged election the same as a stolen election? How so? Give examples.

Michelle Obama’s Legacy as First Lady: Does she have one? Is it fighting childhood obesity with a WH vegetable garden and “Let’s Move” campaign? Is it rather about educating and empowering girls of color? Did she make an impact enough for you? And, did she overcome her statement that “for the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback.” and-the- legacy-michelle-obama- will-leave- behind-2- 202649864.html

Interview: Sharon Tennison, Director, Center for Citizens Initiative who has extensive expertise in Russian studies. The Center seeks to establish citizen harmony between the United States and Russia, with frequent trips to Moscow and St. Petersburg. Topic: Does Putin and the Russians want to control our election outcomes?

Misandry—the hatred of men. We hear a lot of Misogyny—the hatred of women—but not misandry. Why is that? If it’s not talked about, is misandry real? Men hear extensive put downs of their gender, like “All men are pigs” or “all men think alike”, etc. Do you think we have an equal balance of misandry and misogyny?

Change Your Life Technology: Mobile Payments in Third World Countries

Nick Hughes, a well known entrepreneur and financial genius has created another ground breaking business that is going to change the world of finance, once again. This business is called M-KOPA. M-KOPA has connected more than 400,000 homes in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda to solar power with nearly 550 new homes being added each and every day. M-KOPA is providing solar power to thousands of individuals who not too long ago, did not even have any sources of power; and now they have solar power. This company alone created 2,500 employment opportunities in East Africa.

M-KOPA sells solar kits for around $200 to customers who pay as they go, and eventually after payments are complete, will own the solar kits. This process usually takes about one year. Each kit is implanted with a SIM card, which is connected to a mobile network that the uses can top off every month. If the customer does not pay their monthly bill, then the services will be turned off. After the customer pays for their solar kit in full, they can remortgage the solar kit to buy other items from M-KOPA that would otherwise be far too expensive to obtain. These items include low-wattage TVs, water tanks, and even smart phones. So far, 60,000 M-KOPA customers have refinanced and taken advantage of these items.