Topics - October 15, 2016 - Show #2, Don Critclow, Director of Arizona State University for Political Thought and Leadership

Topics & Guest – October 15, 2016 – Show #2

Obama has a tough to-do list for his final stretch. This includes finally    closing Gitmo, convincing China to do help deter North Korean threats, and finding success with the Trans Pacific Partnership, where he faces steep opposition in Congress. What else do you want him to do or at least start in the little time he has left? Be specific.

Arizona’s War on Barbers: Many people who want to work in Cosmetology are faced with huge fees to get a license from the AZ Department of Cosmetology. Barbers are among them. So are African Hair-Braiders and Eyebrow Shapers who struggle to rent even small kiosks in malls, after paying thousands for cosmetology licenses. With barbers, the Cosmetology Board could fine an unlicensed barber $1500 for trimming sideburns, citing safety concerns. These costs can create more unemployment.                                          

Interview: Don Critchlow, Historian and Professor of American Political History, University of Notre Dame, St. Louis UNiversity, and Arizona State University; Director of ASU Center for Political Thought and Leadership. Topic: The changing Republican Party, a party which nominates an Independent Populist in Donald Trump.

Is there such a thing as a civil rights bully– over enthusiastic folks whoare zealous to a fault about this issue? They will call out the baker who won’t bake a cake for a gay wedding, or police your language if they sense any discrimination, or push for a trending issue to popularize when the facts aren’t on their side. Do you know civil rights bullies? Think of examples in the news. rights-bullies?utm_source=hdr&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2016-09- 30

Change Your Life Technology: Birth Control for Rats.