Topics & Guest - October 15, 2016 - Show #1

Topics & Guest – October 15, 2016 – Show #1

The Trump Camp Strategy for Debate Two, and into Debate Three. The Trump Camp wanted to seat Bill Clinton’s accusers in the Family Box, and did. This to say that Bill’s actions spoke louder than Trump’s foul words. Did it work? And going forward to Debate Three, what strategy do you think Trump will use next week when the “woman card” is played? Will he continue with his supporters by his side and use another mea culpa, or rise above it? How would you advise Trump on the ‘woman issue” for Debate Three, because the Democrats continue to believe he’s vulnerable in this area. Clinton-Accusers-Family-Box/2016/10/10/id/752541/

Clarence Thomas; This Supreme Court Justice seems to have been snubbed by not being featured in the new African American Museum in Washington D.C. It’s quite a new building designed specifically for the historical remembrances of prominent African Americans, but no Clarence Thomas. Yet Anita Hill, the woman who accused Justice Thomas of sexual improprieties, is featured. Are you outraged by this, or ho-hum, given the politically correct world we live in? Discuss.

Interview: Rick Oltman, Political Scholar and Activist – Immigration Law Enforcement Advocate. In recent Wikileaks, Hillary is seen as an open borders advocate. Do you trust WikiLeaks, and what of her two personas, public and private?

Bill and Hillary Clinton’s relationship: It’s complicated. Both high achievers and highly educated, one was president, the other could be. But both might not be in love with, or even love the other. Bill has had numerous affairs, and Hillary’s been called a lesbian and accused of having Chelsea by Web Hubbell, her law partner at the Rose Law Firm, Arkansas. In books by former Secret Service members, they state how Bill and Hillary did not share rooms, but rather a “business” partnership. Why does Hillary compete with Bill? Isn’t First Lady enough? Why does Bill, who clearly cheated on her, now stand by her and promote her? What do you think their relationship really is all about?

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