Topics - October 8, 2016 - Show #2. Guest: Carl Goldberg, PhD, Expert on Islam

Topics & Guest – October 8, 2016 – Show #2

Should you pay more to use a credit card? The Supreme Court has decided to take up the biggest issue facing retailers: Should surcharges be legal, and if so, who pays? If you have a credit card, should it cost you more to use it? Or should we simply get back to paying for everything in cash? pay-more- 163300248.html

Renting a room in your own home is now a target of legislation. Companies like Air BnB and HomeAway are being born thanks to the Internet, but not without significant labor pains. Some cities cap short-term rentals at no more than 3 percent of all homes in a neighborhood, and other cities have voted to end these rentals. Should a city’s government be the arbiter of whether you can rent out your property? Or is the city doing the right thing for the neighborhood in controlling who occupies the home? short-term.html slee

Interview:  Carl Goldberg, PhD, Expert on Islam. Topic: Congress has overturned Obama’s veto allowing Americans to sue Saudi Arabia for atrocities associated with 9-11e. This is Congress’ first overturn of a veto during Obama’s presidency.

 Are you a lawbreaker because of Obamacare? If you don’t file appropriate documents concerning the premium tax credits (PTCs) or the advanced premium tax credits (APTC). These are additional forms that must be filed, so you and your medical insurance is accounted for with the IRS. Many lower-income Americans with larger subsidies may be unwitting lawbreakers. Earlier this year there was a reported 15.8 Billion in total APTC payments, but reports show $26.7 Billion was spent. Discuss.

Change Your Life Technology: Megascale Desalination Plants provide Israel with 50% of its 2016 Water Supplies.