Topics - October 8, 2016 - Show #1. Guest: James Hirsen J.D., Law professor and NYT's Best Selling Author (Tells from the Left Coast)
Topics & Guest – October 8, 2016 – Show #1 Death and Taxes: both inevitable. Presidential candidate Mitt Romney was right when he stressed that 47% of Americans don’t pay federal income taxes but he was slammed for doing so. This week the NYT implied Donald Trump might not have paid federal income taxes for 18 years. Then counter-punching, the Trump camp slammed back claimed the NYT didn’t pay taxes and that 17 percent of the NYT is owned by a Mexican billionaire. What is the one thing you hate about paying federal taxes? The Ballot Selfie—New Hampshire has banned the use of selfies after one votes, but it was challenged in a higher court and found to be unconstitutional. Still, the voting booth has traditionally been “sacred space.” Why would taking a selfie with one’s ballot in the voting space not be politicking? Wouldn’t it be disruptive to others who are ready to vote but somewhat undecided—especially during this election year? In spite of one court lifting the ban, isn’t it still one man, one vote, and the time “to politic” would be over, right? What’s wrong with this picture? Interview: James Hirsen J.D., Law professor and  NYT’s  Best Selling Author (Tells from the Left Coast). Topic: What kind of country do we have when we rely on hackers for truth nuggets because our politicians and our process for discernment (the news media) is so full of lies and distortion? The Internet: Global community of stakeholders will now manage the Internet. But why? Why would private globalists be better than the US Federal Government? Management will move from ICANN (Internet Corporation for assigned Names and Numbers) to a so-called “fresh set of eyes” and out of government’s reach. Good move? Bad move? Good for America, or does this weaken America? Would there be better security with so-called “private stakeholders?” Would there be more censorship? Less censorship? Discuss… Change Your Life Technology: Liquid Biopsies take a few drops of blood used to sequence your DNA for early cancer detection.