THINK! America – Weekend of Oct. 1, 2016 – Show #2

Topics - 10/1/16 - Show #2 Guest: Ken Ivory, Utah State Representative, Founder/American Land's Council

Topics & Guest – October 1, 2016 – Show #2

What are your debate questions? We’ve been through one presidential debate already but two more are coming up, plus VP debate. For a future debate, if you were moderating, what would your top 3 questions be, which haven’t been asked yet? Some ideas: 1/ Is there are link between Clinton Foundation and the State Department? 2/ How would you get out of 20T debt? 3/ How would you begin to solve racial discord?

Should scientists edit the DNA of healthy embryos? One Swedish scientist is trying just this, so as to learn more about infertility and miscarriages. But, by editing the DNA of healthy embryos, scientists might introduce mutations thus altering the DNA of healthy embryos for generations to come. Dangerous? Ethically unsound? swedish-scientist-seeks- to-edit- dna-of- healthy-human- embryos

Interview: Utah State Representative, Ken Ivory, Founder/The American Land’s Council. Topic:State’s rights to gain control of federal lands.

Auto Industry costs soar because of EPA. The Obama administration has implemented aggressive gas-mileage targets to jolt the economy and reduce carbon emissions, which they say contributes to climate change. But auto industry wants these 2025 standards to be rolled back, arguing that these targets are too aggressive, particularly considering low gas prices. Discuss. research-cafe- fuel-economy- standards-study/90902494/

Change Your  Life Technology: Dignicap Cooling Cap Reduces Hair Loss During Chemotherapy.