THINK! America, Audio – Weekend of Oct. 1, 2016 – Show #1

Topics - October 1, 2106 - Guest:

Topics & Guest – October 1, 2016 – Show #1

The Hofstra Debate debrief: Many voters are already decided, but for the undecided, did this debate move the needle for them? For Clinton, how? For Trump, how? Approximately 100 million people tuned in and if the undecided wants to back a winner, who then, won? Why?

Are more babies good for planet earth? The issue of overpopulation affecting the planet has been a hot topic since the 60s. Even now, in the climate change debate, overpopulation is discussed. Yet with millions more people on earth (and living longer) the environment overall is actually doing better than even 40 years ago with cleaner air and water and fewer people hungry and diseased. And there are fewer conflicts over natural resources. Is it really a bad time in history to have lots of children? kids-its-good-for- the-planet

Interview: Judicial Watch (Miami) Journalist Irene, Garcia. Topic: Garcia follows issues out of Florida. Garcia and is part of the team to file lawsuits against Hillary for disclosure on emails and Clinton Foundation.

Jet Blue is among the airlines flying Americans regularly into Cuba, but Cubans are not afforded the same privilege to fly into the US. This gives this gives the Castro brothers an economic boost with foreign US dollars coming into the island. Do you think it helps legitimize the Castro’s brand of socialism? david-paulin

Change Your Life Technology: Obalon Balloon is a New Treatment for Obesity.