THINK! America – Weekend of Sept. 24, 2016 – Show #2

Topics - 9/24/16 - Show #2 Guest: Peter Brooks, National Security Expert Heritage Foundation

Topics & Guest – September 24, 2016 – Show #1

Ahman Rahami, the NY,NJ pipe and pressure cooker bomber’s classmates say he was the class clown until he “found religion on trips to Afghanistan” two years ago. Some say the religion he found is true Islam, but others say he found Islamism, or political Islam. How can anyone really know what Islam is when there’s so many differing definitions/opinions about it? Do we wait for a terrorist act to see what kind of believer he/she is, even if he/she seems to have assimilated into western society?

Pro-active teen creates app for students who ordinarily eat lunch alone: 16 year old Natalie Hampton was inspired to be entrepreneurial after eating alone. The app is called “Sit with Us” which connects kids to eat with others eating alone. Some say great app – especailly if they remember their teenage years eating alone. Others think we’re not allowing our kids to work through stress issues and find ways to solve overcome their own obstacles. What do you think? app-sit-with-us- open-welcoming- tables-lunch-ullying_us_57c5802ee4b09cd22d926463

Interview: Peter Brookes, National Security expert, Heritage Foundation: Topic:  Are we safer 15 years post-9/ll, when we have terrorists like Amar Kshan Rahami? Costly drugs for prisoners weigh on public budgets. (WSJ) Many convicted criminals need expensive and advanced drugs to stay alive. For example, those with Hepatis C, can be treated with powerful new drugs, if the prison can afford them, thus reducing the spread of disease within the prison and outside the prison, once the prisoner is released. Should prisons try to budget in new drugs to cure disease-infected prisoners?

Change Your Life Technology: New Era in Space Flights with Reusable Rockets.