THINK! America – Weekend of Sept. 17, 2016 – Show #2

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Topics and Guest – September 17, 2016 – Show #2

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Fallout: Wells Fargo Bank Scandal. How many heads should roll because of the widespread deceit on the part of Wells Fargo employees who created faux new accounts from their regular customer base, and hit those customers with fees, so that sales goals and bonuses for setting up new accounts could be met. The scandal goes back at least to 2011, and 5300 employees have been fired so far. But what about upper management? The woman who oversaw these accounts left the bank in June with $125 M in stock options and compensation. cfpb-carrie-tolstedt/ Discuss

A 19 year old acid burn victim was one of many runway models at last week’s New York “Fashion Week. Runway model Reshma Quereshi is from India. She also showcased the tragedy of an acid attack on her face, and symbolized this global problem. Though she survived the attack and is facially disfigured, including one eye permantely damaged, should she, by being a model, bring this issue to the catwalk, or is there another venue more appropriate? If yes, why doesn’t the world come to help? acid-burn- victim-walk- runway-york/story?id=4159523

 Interview:  Alan Dershowitz, famed attorney, law professor, and author of new book “Electile Dysfunction”; Topic:  Voters being unimpressed with either presidential candidate and are having dysfunction deciding their candidate of choice.

Nursing on the job: What employers need to know about nursing employees rights. It’s complicated… and not so clear. Read here… the-law- says-about-p_b_5679487.html

Change Your Life Technology: Deep brain stimulation device, approved by the FDA, treats Parkinson’s Disease