THINK! America – Weekend of Sept. 17, 2015 – Show #1

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Topics and Guest – September 17, 2016

Show #1

Are you one of the Deplorables? The fallout from Hillary’s comment that Trump supporters are either in one basket (that of being deplorable), or another basket (those who are upset with government and want change). Calling and branding millions of Americans “deplorable,” is something even the Clinton campaign is walking back. But can they? How long with this stick and how much traction can Trump garner from it? What do you think, especially if you’re a Deplorable?

Is a sexting addict the same as a sex addict? Some psychologists say no, not the same. New analysis from the Anthony Weiner sexting scandal now has psychology professionals weighing in. Did we “slut shame” Weiner declaring him a sex addict when he might not be? Read below. Do you agree with some clinical psychologists?                              erotic-code/201609/anthony-weiner- is-not- sex-addict

Interview: Jessica Vaughn, Policy Director, CIS. Topic: Staggering Immigration surge which middle America is currently absorbing. Vaughn will be doing the interview from the border.                                                                                          america-hit-staggering-immigration-surge/ america-hit-staggering-immigration- surge/

Trump and NATO: Trump is calling for NATO partners to pay their fair share and warned that the US would defend NATO allies who have fulfilled their obligations to us. Seems reasonable, but critics claim he sees allies as business partner, only, and misses the strategic value of allies in Europe Note: Member states are required to spend at least 2% of GDP on defense, but as of 2015, NATO Europe  averaged less than 1.5% even as the US paid more than double the minimum .                                                                           trump-nato-is- an-alliance- not-a- protection-racket/2016/07/25/03ca2712-527d-11e6- 88eb-7dda4e2f2aec_story.html?utm_term=.395146035561

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