THINK! America – Weekend of Sept. 10, 2016 – Show #1

Topics & Guest - September 10, 2016 - Show #2

Topics & Guest – September 10, 2016 – Show #2

Should the news media cover terrorist attacks? Sec of State John Kerry suggests no,” claiming that in giving attention to it, it becomes an advertisement for terrorists and a powerful recruiting tool. This suggestion might also be a way for the Obama Administration to stress that journalists know nothing about terrorism, as they are not experts. What do you think? the-media- should-stop-covering-terrorism- so-much/#ixzz4JGhn75zo

Overspending! Are you an American who has purchased an annual gym membership only to use it half a dozen times? What about overspending at Costco? What about buying that new piano or guitar to abandon music lessons far too soon? And what about retail “therapy” overspending to feel only momentarily better? the-roi- the-question- that-will-change-your- life/?utm_medium=popular_widget

Interview: William Lile, MD, expert on Women’s Health. Topic: Hillary’s health. Coughing, over-exaggerated expressions, even a “bobble-headed” look which, at times, seems uncontrollable. Interview with , regarding what, if anything, is medically wrong with her.

Would it be a good idea to live on a reservation so as to see socialism in action? Experts say the primary reason for Native Americans’ poverty is federal restrictions on their property. If Indian lands are held “in trust” by the federal government or held communally by Tribal Councils, there’s no direct ownership, so the Native American can’t build equity. Nor can they borrow from a bank because the bank can’t do judgments on sovereign lands that are separate from American courts. Why don’t free market advocates use Indian reservations more as an example of what’s wrong with socialism and government dependency? the- government-keeps- native-americans- in-poverty/#766474be6cc6