THINK! America – Weekend of Aug. 27, 2016 – Show #2

Topics & Guest - August 27, 2016 - Show #2 Guest: Chris Lewis, Sports Attorney.

Topics & Guest – August 27, 2016 – Show #2

“Pin the tail” on Colin Powell: Hillary keeps saying Colin Powell advised her about using a personal email because he had used one. Powell finally snapped back saying she set up a private server (he did not) and used private email exclusively long before she ever spoke to him. Plus, she may have perjured herself using Powell’s name as her “advisor” on this when she spoke, under oath, to the FBI. Since she told the FBI that Powell had advised her, do you think she lied under oath?

A 12 year-old boy from Texas enters the Ivy League this fall! Cornell University accepted him and he will begin his freshman in the fall. Jeremy Shuler reportedly got perfect scores on 7 AP exams, and outstanding scores on the SAT and ACT. Therefore he’s in, and will receive college credit for calculus, chemistry, mechanics, electricity and magnetism, statistics, microeconomics, and macroeconomics. He wants to be an engineer, but do you think he should be in college at such a young age?

Interview: Chris Lewis, Sports Agent/Attorney. Topic: Damage Control:  Ryan Lochte lost sponsorships, but may soon be out of hot water, given legally he was indeed “robbed.” Some winds of support are shifting in his direction and he can probably salvage some of his reputation and gain future sponsorships, .. . so say some of his attorneys.

Marijuana remains illegal under federal law and yes, the Feds could arrest you for smoking pot in a state that has legalized it because it’s still classified as a Level 1 Drug along with heroin and cocaine. However, the DEA just made a decision that will open up a very wide path to legalizing medical marijuana nationally. The only current institution that can study the medicinal uses of marijuana is the University of Mississippi which they claim is in the atmosphere of prohibition. However, on August 11, the agency said it will allow other institutions around the country to obtain licenses to grow marijuana for research. Are you ready for the use of medical marijuana to be legal nationally?

Change Your Life Technology: New Cryotherapy Device Freezes Breast Cancer Cells.