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Topics & Guest – August 20, 2016 – Show #1

Civil unrest in in Milwaukee over Syville Smith (a black man) who was shot by a police officer (also a black man). Governor Scott Walker called up the National Guard after several police officers were injured in a riot after this incident was publicised. The officer’s body cam showed Smith had turned toward the officer with a gun right before Smith was shot and killed. Both men, 23 and 24 (one criminal, one officer) knew each other from high school. The fact they knew each other in their teens is a tragic element to the story. But in light of the the many riots we’ve seen in the past few months,what is the solution to restoring the peace?

The end of retail? Macy’s closure of 100 stores signals real concern that Big Box retail stores will go out of business due to online shopping.  Free market advocates say, so what. . . we live in a digital age and these retail stores will just have to adapt because online shopping is the wave for the future.

Interview: Steven Moore, Economist; Heritage Foundation – Distinguished Visiting Fellow – Project for Economic Growth; Former Member of the WSJ Editorial Board.  Topic: Jobs and a flat-lined economy. Will it get better under a Trump administration (Moore is a Trump advisor).

A letter writing campaign targets the movie “Bad Moms”for portraying motherhood in a negative and unfair light. The writers are livid over Hollywood depicting Mothers as spineless, useless parents who can’t hold up to parenting pressures. While this movie is R-rated and children won’t see it while it’s at the theaters, the parents think it promotes the myth that “kids are in charge” in America families. Is this just a free market issue, i.e., if you don’t like the movie, don’t see it or is it imperative that parents stop accepting what Hollywood producers want to promote to the public?

Change Your Life Technology: The “Q Drum” is a simple water container that provides a durable, doughnut- shaped receptacle that’s designed to roll while being easily pulled by a rope. It replaces containers that are held on a person’s head to transport water – a back breaking job for carriers.