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Topics & Guest – August 20, 2016 – Show #2

Hillary’s Baggage: Should Hillary become President, would her baggage consume her presidency? She has experience, but it includes what is now being called “pay to play” politics, as in the Clinton Foundation/possible quid pro quo with State Dept. Should she become President, and should more investigations reveal more damaging documents (either through FOIA or hackers) might she be indicted? If so, how would justice play out if she’s President? Will her scandals consume her after the election creating another kind of Watergate?

Black Lives Matter targets Graceland, during Elvis Week. The candelight vigil at midnight on Aug. 16 marking the anniversary of Elvis’ death, had BLM protesters. BLM says they will protest all week to raise awareness because Graceland has ties to the death of Darrius Stewart, an unarmed teen killed in Memphis by a police officer. Will this strategy work for BLM? Or is it “over-the- top” to link the death of Stewart to what many consider to be the sacred ground of Graceland, especially during Elvis Week? matter-

Interview: Linda Chavez.First woman to be nominated as Cabinet position as Sec. of Labor under George W Bush. Served under both President Reagan and Herbert W. Bush. initiative-abedin/2016/08/12/id/743365/ Topic: Her column “Clinton Foundation Rocked by Judicial Watch Investigation.”

Drone Racing: the next great Olympic Sport? Drone racing is taking flight with big ambitions. It’s already a competitive sport. Flying drones at very fast speeds—up to 80 mph…Is this endeavor Olympic bound? takes-flight-olympic-sized- ambitions/story?id=41266371

Change Your Life Technology: New Antibiotic Fights Superbugs Thanks to the IChip.