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Topics & Guest – August 13, 2016 – Show #2

The Olympics require sky-high money ($15 – 20 billion) to build the necessary infrastructure yet there are neglected venues all over the world that have hosted the Olympics that already have most of the venues. It begs the question? Why aren’t the Olympics held in one city each year? Say a city like Los Angeles that is applying to host its third Olympics in 20124 because they have every structure they need except an aquatic center. How about Greece which could build one stadium, one water cube, one track, one Olympic village, one housing area, etc, and maintain it year after year.

Voters are rising up against the government which they now consider the “Administrative State” rather than our “Founding Father’s Government”. Progressivism, the philosophy  extolling the great wisdom of government, does not respect “American Exceptionalism”, i.e. Obama says we “didn’t do it by ourselves” .  The power of the individual is eroding because individual rights are eroding. Did this outrage give rise to outlier Trump? If so, why did the outlier Sanders, a progressive, also rise?

Interview: Paul Sracic, PhD., Chair Department of Political Science and IR, Youngstown State University. Author of “The Science of Donald Trump, Explaining the Unlikely Candidate”. Topic: The current poll position of Trump and what his pathway to the Presidency should be from now until the election.

Pokemon Predator Alarm. Some politicians want to regulate the game to not allow sex offenders to play as they say children are in danger playing this game near the homes of sex offenders. Are politicians creating legislation to exploit voter’s by hyping this natural parent’s fear for our children? (Now that would be a surprise.)                                                                                   orders-pokemon- no-go-sex- offenders-article- 1.2733330

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