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Topics & Guest – August 13, 2016 – Show #1

The economic plans from Trump and Hillary couldn’t be more polar. Trump has tax breaks for (income and corporate), cuts to regulation, provisions for childcare of both working parents and wants to rewrite international trade deals. Hillary calls for more regulation, big government projects and taxation. She says Trump’s plan would hurt working families and trigger a recession. Do you believe less taxes for the wealthier hurts working families? Should higher education be “free?”

Massive breach of new SAT content in March leads to one of the most serious security lapses in the history of college-admissions testing. In fact, the breach may result in the Oct 1st SAT being cancelled. In light of problems associated with the SAT, including intense interest in cheating, isn’t it time the SAT ibe dropped as a requirement for college entrance in lieu of another academic metric? security-special- report-idUSKCN10E25P

Interview: Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch, President. Topic: Judicial Watch today released 10 pages of new State Department records that include an email sent by State Department spokesman Brock Johnson alerting Cheryl Mills, Hillary Clinton’s then Chief of Staff, that a “significant” Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request had been made for records showing the number of email accounts used by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

UFO or just a drone? A mysterious light was caught on video on August 2nd, at Gateway Arch, in St. Louis. A light was also caught later on camera at Malcolm Martin Memorial Park which revealed a steady light dropped from the sky consistent with a drone landing. A TV station called Scott AFB which reported no unusual activity. Do you think there is a possibility it was a UFO as there is no explanation for its presence? ufo-st-louis_us_57a40838e4b021fd98782f31

Change Your LIfe Technology: New: Earbud Device Translates Languages in Real-Time.