Topics & Link - August 6, 2016 - Show #2

Topics and Guest – August 6, 2016- Show #2

Gold Star Families: Clinton and Trump both have problems understanding Gold Star Families. Hillary denies telling Patricia Smith (mother of Benghazi hero Sean Smith) her son died as a result of an internet video. Smith was outraged by Hillary’s denial accusing her of lying to her face and being responsible for her son’s death. Then Trump took issue with Khizr Khan and wife Ghazala (parents of fallen Army Captain Humayun Khan) when Mr. Khan criticized Trump’s proposal to restrict Muslims into America and accused Trump of not reading the Constitution. Trump said he had to respond after Mr. Khan viciously attacked him. How do you think these Presidential Candidates should have responded to the Gold Star families?

Hypocrites Hall of Hogwash:  Hypocrisy abounds on both presidential sides. Trump calls McCain a coward for being captured in the Viet Nam war, but advocates for Vet health benefits. With that logic, does that mean POWs aren’t eligible for care? And Elizabeth Warren says the system is rigged for Republicans yet Debbie Wasserman Schultz is caught rigging it against Bernie and has to resign. (No problem though, Hillary immediately hires her back rewarding her illegal behavior.) Where is Warren’s finger pointing to  the Democratic party, DWS and Hillary? Give your own and other examples of politician’s hypocrisy.

Interview: Author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza (aka: Obama’s Nemesis). Topic: HIs latest film “Hillary’s America” and his opinion about the conventions and the general election.

Investigation is on as to the hot air balloon that caught fire and crashed killing 16 people in Texas. In 2014 the NTSB requested the FAA impose greater oversight on hot air balloon operators especially those which carry over 20 people. But the FAA responded that regulations weren’t necessary because the amount of ballooning is low and the risk is assumed by participants. Do you agree with the FAA?

Change Your Life Technology: New Musical Device called “One Instrument” plays the whole band. BuzzFeed says “Instrument 1 is poised to change the way the world looks at digital instruments”.