Topics & Guest - July 30, 2016 - Show #2

Topics & Guest – July 30, 2016- Show #2

Hillary rewards immoral behavior by hiring Debbie Wasserman Schultz immediately after she resigned from the DNC for her written bias against Bernie Sanders. The “Feel the Burn” fans were correct – the system is rigged. The Democratic party is shifting their emphasis from the corrupt DNC to the narrative of how the Russian government hacked the site, and through Wikileaks, revealed the emails. The reason, they claim, is because Putin wants Trump to win the Presidency.

Normandy Church Terror: Isis knifemen made priest, 84, kneel as they slit his throat and then claimed responsibility. More and more terror is moving across Europe. This attack on an innocent priest at a soft target (church), follows attacks in Munich just days ago. Will France and Germany officially declare war on ISIS and attack the Islamic state region in Syria and Iraq? If so, will the US help? How?

Interview: Bruce Ash, RNC Chairman of the Standing Committee on Rules. Topic: Analysis of the RNC Convention – what went right and what went wrong. Additional discussion on the DNC’s “wall or fence,” and finally, his take on filmmaker Michael Moore’s latest column regarding the five reasons Donald Trump will win the election. Read:

Pokemon: Go (or Stop?. Here today, gone tomorrow? It caught on in a nano-second and sent Nintendo’s shares soaring in the prior two weeks. This week, the company spokesperson warned the smartphone game would make only a limited contribution to it’s overall profits which sent shares in an 18% decline. It appears Nintendo is raining on its own parade. Why would Nintendo curb their own enthusiasm for Pokemon?

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