Topics & Guest - July 2, 2016 - Show #1

Topics and Guest – July 2, 2016 – Show #1

The most “transparent” administration in US history is being challenged by everyday citizens and for good reason.  Let’s see, there’s (1) the Orlando 911 transcript doctored so we don’t hear what was truthfully spoken, (2) VA, (3)IRS, (4) Benghazi, (5) Hillary’s emails. Surely there are more and the town hall guests will fill you in.

News Flash: Millennial Girls don’t want Millennial Monks for their partners. Come on guys, get your manhood on and knock off being wimps. (Poor guys – they can’t seem to win for losing). get-girls- you-need- to-get- your-manhood- on-n2173667

Interview: Jeremy Miller, hollywood actor and child star in “Growing Pains”. Topic: Miller’s alcoholism was treated unsuccessfully for years until he tried a pellet insertion into his lower belly to curb cravings. The pellet is filled with a drug called Naltrexone (it’s been around for a while) but when compounded into a pellet form, it’s become a new treatment for alcoholics and successful for Miller.

Basic finance for high school’s curriculum doesn’t exist. Our teens are woefully uneducated in the proper use of a credit card, balancing a checkbook, saving for their future, the difference between stocks and bonds and even how mortgages work. Isn’t it time to give them a basic finance education in light of financial crises in our economy and personal lives?