Show Topics & Interview - June 11, 2016 - Show #2

Show Topics & Guest – June 11, 2016 – Show #2

What makes an icon? Looking back on Muhammad Ali’s life, many writers and pundits say Ali is now a “World Icon”.  David Bowie and Prince, recently deceased, were similarly labeled icons. What are the qualifications to become a “World Icon”?

Hillary is on record saying that hundreds of state department employees knew she was using a private email and corresponded with her regularly through this address.  It’s an effort by Hillary to minimize her email scandal to potential voters. How can she minimize this scandal when her subordinates being interviewed by the FBI are using the same attorney, thus, giving them a wonderful opportunity to sync their storylines?

Interview: Jerry Iannacci, CEO, Operation American Patriot.  Topic: Should Sharon Helman, former head of the Phoenix VA Systems who was fired from her job for accepting illegal gifts, be allowed to return to her old job? AG Loretta Lynch has weighed in, giving Helman a pass on one part of her appeal.

NYC’s list is of recognized genders who are protected from discrimination reaches 31 identities. Gender queer, gender bender, gender fluid and two spirits are a few of these identities and the list could grow. Should there be so many descriptions? nyc-gender/

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