Show Topics and Interview - June 11, 2016 - Show #1

Topics & Interview – June 11, 2016 – Show #1

Poll’s for Hillary indicate she’s clinched the nomination with a count from the superdelegates.  Bernie says that he can woo these delegates and get their vote at the Democratic Convention. What should Bernie do . . . . drop out or keep swinging through the convention?

“Why study dead old white men” ask Yale students about their english studies.  They want to “de-colonize” an English course.  Say bye, bye to old masters like Chaucer and Shakespeare?

Interview:  John Duncan, PhD.  Topic:  Shift workers and heart issues. The irregularity in schedules unwinds a person’s body clock making it hard to keep a natural 24-hour cycle, thus, affecting one’s heart.

San Diego hoarder finally gets the city authorities to clean-out of his San Diego home thanks to six years of complaints by neighbors. It’s nasty and not just for the hoarder . . . . .20 cats, opossums and 100 rats  were living with this resident! Ugh. When do hoarders cross the line? hoarder-home- finally-gets- cleaned-up.html

Change Your Life Technology:  Save Your Marriage with an Anti-Snore Patch. A new anti-snore patch called the “Silent Partner” could turn down the volume of your partner’s night time nasal songs.