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Topics and Guest – October 17, 2015

Show #1

By-passing Congress To Enact Gun Controls

Tracking Government Waste – Amazing New Site: (transparent government spending)

Edward Snowden Wants to Come Home

Interview:  Phillip Lohaus,  Scholar, American Enterprise Institute  –

Uber of Mattresses – The New Mattress Professionals Go Social and Viral

Mattress wars heat up: Leesa raises $9 million


Show # 2

Congressional Review of Copyright Law May Threaten Aggregate News Sites Like Drudge Report

Zuckerberg’s $100 Million Dollar Lesson

Elimination Personal Income Tax

Interview with Scott Beaulier, Economist of ASU’s New Economic Think Tank.

Regulations in DC on Personal Trainers

Stackable Human Beings on Airplanes – Airlines Considering New Ideas for Stacked Seating!