Show Topics & Guest - June 4, 2016 - Show #2

Show Topics & Guest – June 4, 2016 – Show #2

Can we look to the stock market to predict the presidential outcome? A lot of experts say yes . . . . just track the Standard and Poor’s 500 index for three months prior to the election date to determine the winner.  If the economy is doing well during the three month lead up time, the incumbent will be in the White House. presidential-election/84653214/

A baby boy at a zoo falls into a gorilla cage. The gorilla reaches for the baby and although it appears on the video the gorilla is trying to rescue the baby, the authorities kill it fearing the gorilla will harm or kill the baby.  Enter the critics saying it’s the parent’s fault and not the gorilla causing the zoo director to say they are “Monday morning quarterbacking”.

Interview: Tricia Holdeman, germ expert specializing in water diseases.  Topic: Swimming pools nationwide are gross. CDC is estimated to shut down one in every five wading/kiddie pools due to children’s lack of hygiene mostly due to urinating in the the water.

A Georgia resident has sued Snapchat for being partially responsible for a driving collision that left him with serious brain injuries because he claims he was incentivized to use Snapchat’s speed filter. The lawsuit asserts Snapchat has been aware of previous accidents caused by people using the speed app yet the company has chosen not to remove the filter.

Change Your Life Tecnology: Tiny, Lead-Sucking Microbots Clean Up Our Water.   A swarm of tiny microbots – hundreds of thousand of them – each smaller that the width of a human hair, can be deployed to get rid of 95% of toxic, heavy metals in industrial wastewater.