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February 6, 2016 – Topics, Interviews and Links – Show # 2

Senator Rand Paul liberty and freedom issues resonated with conservatives, not just libertarians.  Then why didn’t he get the votes necessary to stay in the campaign?

Uh, oh. The Zika Virus has been sexually transmitted for the first time in Texas. But is the government and media hyping another virus that could harm Americans?

Interview: Heather McDonald, a Thomas W. Smith Fellow at The Manhattan Institute; an Academic and Think Tank scholar, Graduate Stanford Law; B.A., Yale; Editor of the City Journal; Recipient of the 2005 Bradley Prize.

Topic: The Ferguson Effect on Crime.

What is the REAL ID ACT??? Well, it’s the government’s push for control of citizens through a broad identifier. The Department of Homeland Security says it’s necessary to protect Americans but there are many states resisting with Montana leading the way.

Liberty Language: Is Senator Sanders a Democratic Socialist or Socialist?