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Weekend of December 26th – Show # 1

A philosophical discussion on our happiness during the Christmas Season.

Instability does not lay the bedrock for peace. Border crossers, migrants, refugees, wanderer, transients homeless and those that are trafficked haven’t home or hearth in order to stable.

Interview:  Sharon Tennison, Citizen and Diplomat to USSR/Russia for 30 years. The Author of The Power of Impossible Ideas. She knows and has met Putin and says the West needs to get it right with him for peace. Topic: The role of Putin in seeking peace with Syria, Iran and Iraq. You can find Sharon Tennison at The Center for Citizen Initiatives (website is currently down) and email her: [email protected]

What will get America going again? Right now, neither the economy or geopolitical fronts look prosperous or peaceful. According to J.J., it is the ability to keep what you earn by your own time and labor.

Liberty Language Words.  St. Paul is quoted as saying “It is for freedom you have been set free”. An early treatise on Freedom by St. Paul in the Book of the Galatians is an excellent read on the freedom and peace issues. An ancient text worth reading. You don’t have to be Christian or religious to enjoy his words.