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December 19, 2015 – Show #1
Topics and Interview – December 19, 2015 – Show #1
Fed’s ok a quarter of a percent interest rate hike.  How will this move help the economy?
Bowe Bergdahl, accused of desertion from his Afghanistan post, is finally facing trial from the Army despite the White House not favoring this outcome.
Interview: Steve Forbes, CEO Forbes Magazine.  Topic: Reform in America.  Forbes discusses the three crucial areas that need reform as written in his new book, Reviving America.
New Rules for Drone Users.  Fed’s enact rules to be effective December 21, 2015. Are more government regulations good for America?
Liberty Language Books
Democracy – The God That Failed by Hans-Herman Hoppe.  This book challenges the Democratic political system as a source of liberty.  You may or may not agree but it’s a good thought provoker.