Show #2 . . . . Topics, Guests, Links

Topics and Guest – November 21, 2015 – Show #2

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is researching if the “arbitration process” is really fair to consumers.Their study indicates that many companies use arbitration to avoid wrong doing.  Do you lose an important freedom by giving up your right to sue?

Supreme Court’s Docket is reviewing the case Spokeo v. Robins. Robins challenges the law that the plaintiff must show actual injury to sue.

Interview:  Steve LaPointe. Topic: John Pollard,  a US Navy Intelligence employee turned spy for Israel., has been released from jail. Steve LaPointe called the FBI on Pollard having known him in college and post-college in D.C. and suspected him of spying.

Web shopping deluge causes landlords at large complexes to refuse US Mail packages. Can they refuse the US Post Office delivery?

Liberty Language Books: Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt. The only book you need to read to understand economics. Short (200 pages) and well written.  Hazlitt,a journalist,  makes economics easy to understand and you’ll apply this knowledge to today’s economic times.