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November 14, 2015 – Show #1

Passage of the budget deal gives President Obama more spending power.

Several Universities were caught tearing up or shredding the Constitution in response to students being “triggered by what was in the Constitution” thanks to hidden video of James O’Keefe (video journalist and NY Times best-selling author).

Interview:  Stephanie Barclay, Esq. (Becket Fund Attorney).                                                                                                                Becket Fund for Religious Liberties are defending the “Little Sisters of the Poor” at the Supreme Court to take up     the issue of lack of  religious embedded in Obamcare. Many organizations are part of the amicus brief.                                                          

New app “Covoy” for truckers cuts out the middle man giving the small operators a way to take a bite out of a $800 billion trucking industry.        

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