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THINK! America Radio is the voice of real people talking about real issues. It’s not the typical “Best-of-Weekend” programming.

The two-hour format offers a fresh approach to talking about important issues of the day in a unique “Town Hall” format. The program’s engaging female host, Terry Gilberg, and regular millennial contributor, Megan Porth, offer a balance of perspectives between Boomers and Millennials.

Lively debate and intriguing guests fuel the tempo of THINK! America. Radio. Each show features a variety of trending topics as well as unique perspectives from the voices of the town hall guests . . . . voices of real people talking about real issues.

The compelling last two minutes are dedicated to ending the show on a positive note. Listener’s are alerted to new technologies that will positively change the lives of millions of people worldwide.

THINK! America Radio will entertain, provoke and inspire your listeners. It’s a new format with a fresh perspective that will offer weekend variety for listeners.

Audio for Show - June. 17, 2017 - Show #1

by Think America

Topics - June 17, 2017 - Show #1. Guest: Lawrence Schonbrun, California Based Attorney, Executive Director of California-Based Class Action Watch.

Topics – June 17, 2017 – Topic #1

Is it a good idea for Jeff Session to testify about Russia? AG Sessions takes the stand Tuesday (today) at a public hearing before e Senate Intelligence Committee, following James Comey’s hearing last week. It will be all about Russia, even though he recused himself on cases involving Russia. And, Sessions is under growing pressure to explain his influence in the firing of Comey… Why do you suppose Pres Trump is allowing this? Why doesn’t Trump act like this ordeal is contained? What, do you suppose, is the strategy here?

Murder by Texting: The trial of a 20-year old woman in Massachusetts has begun. She allegedly texted her boyfriend urging him to kill himself, and he finally did so by inhaling carbon monoxide after she gave him instructions as to just how to do it. Should words that encourage someone to commit suicide be criminalized? If so, which words? How many words?

Interview: Lawrence Schonbrun, California Based Attorney, Executive Director of California-Based Class Action Watch. Topic: Has “Fake News” Spread to the Judiciary?

Mark Zuckerberg is a fan of a universal basic income provided by the government. He says the present generation has an obligation to determine how a new “social contract” should be defined which would provide “equality for everyone.” He believes no one should worry about paying the basic bills of living so that “everyone has a cushion to try new ideas.” Do you think this idea of a social contract is part of the problem that serves to release people of personal responsibility for their own lives? What about depriving them of challenges to produce? BTW, this concept of a universal basic income has been around for years, but thus far has not been implemented. Is now the time to implement this idea, so that we don’t experience basic stresses associated with living? If so, how would a basic income be funded?

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Audio for Show - June. 17, 2017 - Show #2

by Think America

Topics - June 17, 2017 - Show #2. Guest: Jim Manley, Goldwater Institute, Senior Attorney for Scharf-Norton Center of Constitutional Litigation.

Topics & Guest – June 17, 2017 – Show #2

Pittsburgh not Paris: Trump says the USA will pull out of the Paris Climate Accord, essentially saving $100B dollars. This means that China will have to take the lead, along with the Europeans who remain in the accord, thus creating strange bedfellows on the issue of climate change. Trump has also said he believes that man plays a role in climate change, but that he’s a president for Pittsburgh, and not Paris (meaning USA and not the Globe). If Trump believes man plays a role in climate change, why pull out?

Panhandlers! They’re ubiquitous, and some say are even “human blight” on a community, akin to rundown buildings are blight in a neighborhood. The ACLU is in the mix in this in Oklahoma City, which is trying to eliminate panhandling by calling it a public safety issue. What’s the best community response to this practice of panhandling: city ordinances and legal means, or using religious outreach to get panhandlers off the streets and many out of homelessness?

Interview: Jim Manley, Goldwater Institute, Senior Attorney for Scharf-Norton Center of Constitutional Litigation. Topic: U of A’s creation of a new Social Justice Advocate position for their college students.

Summer is upon us and the Department of Homeland Security says they’re strongly considering banning all laptops to be carried on board international flights. Does this sound like they might be on to new terrorists’ ways to attack airplanes, or do you think this is overkill by Homeland Security to keep you and me safe? This is another topic on security verses freedom. Which side are you on? Why? Why not? How much is too much?

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Hello Friends,

I’m Susan Murphy, owner of THINK! America Radio Network, and a fairly new recruit to the “talk radio” business. Most of my career has been in the casino and hotel industry, with the final ten years being a General Manager and eventually a President of a large hotel and casino in Nevada owned by a publicly traded corporation. The property I managed generated close to $100M annually in revenue and employed an average of 1,200 people.The casino industry is a rough, tough, extremely competitive and risky business. I know . . .  I lived it for many years.

What in the world is someone from the casino industry doing running a radio talk show?

Here’s the thing – I observed firsthand how government layered more and more regulations and taxes on my industry without any regard to the expense and impact on jobs of “real” people taking care of their families. The biggest insult was that the government had no concern for the health and wellbeing of an industry that employed hundreds of thousands in its workforce.

And, it’s not just the “sinful” casino industry that has been overregulated and over taxed.

Our government has successfully disparaged profitable businesses.

It’s not an exaggeration that profit-driven businesses have been demonized by our government and, sadly, by millions of citizens. There’s no longer appreciation for risk takers who create jobs and build a prosperous future for Americans. The word “profit” has become synonymous with “greed” in American enterprise.  The term “job creator” has become synonymous with “job exploiter.”

The self-righteousness of many career politicians is so profound that they’ve transformed the government’s identity to one of being a “Robin Hood.” Of course this is completely backward, but sadly, too many Americans have been duped into thinking the government has our backs. The fact is that the original Robin Hood was stealing back the money that the tyrannous government stole from its citizens.

I Wanted to Speak Out in a Way that Mattered.

I decided I needed to do something – anything – to reach people like you and me with a message of outrage for the thoughtless policies the ever burgeoning American government has imposed on us. I chose a radio talk show to reach people as I’m familiar with its excellent delivery system.

Foolish economic policies are just one example of government overreach.

It’s about our public education, domestic programs, foreign policies, bureaucratic agencies without accountability, personal taxes, disregard for personal rights, and too many other infringements to mention on this page. The bottom line is it’s the excessive and monstrous growth of our government and politicians’ self-serving need to be omnipotent that’s corrupting the Constitution and exceptional American values and talents.

Still, there are notes in our lives that ring true and remind us of our culture and history.

I’m heartened to see so many of these notes are still with us. Our definition of families may have changed but the sense of family, and it’s importance, is still alive and well. No matter how you define American families, parents still tell their kids not to lie, there is no shame in hard work, and to be kind to everyone no matter the consequences.

Goodwill for others is what trends online in America.

Charity, philanthropy, love, compassion, humanity, and raising money for those in need are still hallmark characteristics of Americana. The entrepreneurial spirit is actually better than past years and the United States continues to lead the way in technological advancements. And, most immigrants add to these gains as they realize and appreciate the unique value of free markets.

Kindness, trust, goodwill, hard work, a sense of fairness, individualism, and entrepreneurship are what ultimately define our culture and history . . . all of these quintessential American traits are still alive and kicking today.

But, the rise of big government estranges us from our American heritage.

We’re a young country; too young to have distanced ourselves so greatly from the principals of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. How do we integrate our deep sense of Americana with the reality of corrosive and divisive politics that exist today?

Our job as citizens is not to trust the government, but to be vigilant of government so that our rights are protected.

It is We The People who have allowed politicians to self-appoint themselves as the ambassadors of  “what is best for us.” I want to ask our listeners: “why is their analysis any better than ours?”

The Woodrow Wilson Administration and the U.S. Supreme Court empowered Congress to delegate legislative power to federal agencies. And, these agencies have the power to be the judge and jury in assigning punishment to those who “break” the laws they created for the benefit of the agencies.

To add insult to injury, there is absolutely zip, zero, nada accountability for their actions. There hasn’t been one branch of government that can control these agencies whose only purpose seems to be to keep growing and acquiring more power. Currently, it’s estimated that there are over 430 departments, agencies, and sub-agencies managing America’s future. No wonder we’ve lost individual power in America.

It’s My Money and Reputation on the Line.

I’m taking a financial and professional risk starting this business but I felt I had to do something to help the voices of real people discuss real issues. THINK! America Radio Network is my venue to fight for what is best of Americana . . .  rugged individualism tempered with the desire to help others achieve their goals.

I hope you’ll support my efforts by listening to the THINK! America Radio show and sharing it with others. Unlike the government, I understand I’ll have to work hard to legitimately earn your respect, show after show, so that you’ll continue to listen to our programming.

Let’s fight to manage our own lives . . . free from the ridiculous constraints leveled upon us from a bloated and wasteful government. After all, politicians are “real” people too – not superior to us in their analysis of how we should run our lives and our country.

Thank you for giving THINK! America Radio Network a shot at being heard and shared.


Susan Murphy

Owner and Risk Taker                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

P.S.  If you’re like me, you also have to do something – anything – to get our government reporting to us instead of exploiting us. Together, let’s keep the best of Americana alive and kicking for the next generation. Thanks again.  Susan.


Susan Murphy


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